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Drums by Ludwig -      
24" Kick, Evans EQ3 Head
18" Tom, Ludwig Silver Dot Head
15" Tom, Ludwig Silver Dot Head
14x6-1/2" Snare, Ludwig Hi-Torque Strider Head
Cymbals by Paiste -     
20" Rude Ride
Paiste 3000 Series:
18" Crash (x2)
17" Crash
16" Crash
20" Chinatype, 2002 Series
14" Heavy High-hat
Hardware -       
Gibraltar Double-Kick Pedal
Sticks - Vic Firth 2b Nylon
Porkpie Percussion Custom Throne
Evans EQ3 Muff System

4-pc. Kit
Stickman - Oil on canvas, Lisa Ober 2006

Dan has recently been chosen as a subject by St. Louis portrait artist Lisa Ober. See more of her fantastic work at

We've got Wood!
As you can see, this is not the first time Dan has inspired others to artistic greatness. Dan's father, a skilled carpenter and wood carver, has created a detailed portrait of his son doing what he loves best.

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